Zombie Mansion Project

Example of examining paintings

Example of examining paintings

This is a page to host information, screenshots, and videos for a game project I’ve code-named “Zombie Mansion”. It’s a 2D-in-3D game where you explore mansions/dungeons/etc. room by room. The game is rendered in 3D, with all of the levels having perspective (or at least a camera that rotates 360 degrees around the level), but the characters are 2D billboards. Currently (as of January 2015), the game code is feature complete; it does lots of stuff and has a scripting engine to allow custom levels to be created.

Here are some of the features of this game (and the game engine that powers it). It is by no means a complete list:

  • 2D billboards for characters and particle effects, rendered in 3D environments
  • Camera that is easy to manipulate and can rotate around the scene
  • Game controller accessible
  • Scripting engine to allow customization of any levels
  • Physics engine powered by Box2D

Here are some screenshots and videos of the game:





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  1. Zombie Mansion with shaders and post-processing | Jake Seigel's Schemes said,

    […] Update: Full project description here […]

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