Game Projects

Here is a bunch of game-related projects. Many of them were just short proof of concept demos.

Zombie Mansion Game

This is a game I made using my own fancy engine. Details on it are here

Example of examining paintings

Example of examining paintings

Paper Donkey Engine

Most of the details for this project are on this link:

It took code and ideas from some of my previous projects and bundled it up into a complete usable system. I’ve been using it lately to make a turn-based tactical game and a zombie shooter game. It’s in pretty good shape right now actually, so I am pleased with it. Here are a few highlight screenshots:

Camera Rotation in Paper Donkey Engine

Camera Rotation in Paper Donkey Engine

Second room in the demo

Second room in the demo

Secret Game Project

This is a “secret” game project (to be revealed August 2011). It uses my Paper Donkey engine and here are screenshots of the current state (mostly with placeholder art).

June 27, 2011: Shows billboarded sprites in a 3D environment. Basic particle effects and gameplay contols. Player can fire exploding arrows and there is a state-based A.I. which chases down players and shoots at them. The building has working collisions (and a fancy roof).

Donkey Hat Editor

Here is some screenshots of my level editor for my Paper Donkey engine (the precursor of this engine powered the Highway to Hae’K game).

Screenshots ( June 23, 2011 )

Screenshots (June 6, 2011)

Highway to Hae’K

This is a maze game we (Matthew Teboe and I under the team name of “Bad Donkey”) made for the 2010 Speedgame Competition on CDN. I wrote the 2D-in-3D engine from scratch for it. It was actually a neat engine but we didn’t really utilize all of the features I made. I built the whole engine in about a week and the game (levels, art, etc) was put together in the following week.

Chronicles of Jestermax Episode II: The Fruitbasket of Sanity
This was a very short game I made for a 2 week long game making competition. Downloadable here:


This is a shooter game I made in 2008. I got snowed in one weekend and got coding. It was made using the Torque Game Builder (TGB). The game featured 2 pistols, 2 automatic weapons, a shotgun, and grenades for weapons.

JS_Ricochet_May6_2008_B-full JS_Ricochet_May6_2008_C-full

Action RPG Demo
This was a neat project idea I was testing out. There was combo attacks and a selection of powers to blast enemies away with. Graphics provided by Reiner’s Tiles.
Game made in TGB.

JS_D2D_Jul3_2008_A JS_D2D_Jul3_2008_B

Zero Hour

This is a game I made in college as an end-of-the-year project. I had a team of 3 (1.5 programmers, 0.5 artists, 1 level design/audio guy).

The game is available here. Also check out the manual.

Tic Tac Techno

Sometime while I was at college I made a tic tac toe game. I never did the networking stuff, but the single player and hotseat modes work fine. Thanks to Greg Demand for the AI stuff. Download

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