Platformer Engine

February 27, 2012 at 2:16 pm (Games, Processing, Programming) (, , , , , , , , )

So while waiting for feedback on my thesis (and waiting for it to be scheduled, etc.) I took a rare bit of free time to do some coding for fun! Crazy, eh? So I put together a platformer game engine and level editor. The engine features typical physics and jumping and stuff like that, but also the ability to grapple ledges and pull yourself up. Also, there’s a state-based AI architecture in place so that defining enemy behaviour is fairly simple and straightforward.

This is what the game/game engine looked like when I put it together with toy art.

The level editor lets you create platforms, gameplay nodes, and has a tile editor for graphics. This lets you create grids where you can paint on textures. You can layer them and use however many you want, but right now it lacks a proper layers system, so I guess that will be the next thing I do. I already had a 3D level editor but now that I have a stylish 2D one, I’m all set (since it dumps out the level files in a simple to reuse format!).

Here is what the game looks like with a new character skin for the player. I threw together all the animations using a spritesheet I made years ago.

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