Learning Disability Rants

July 20, 2009 at 8:10 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

So during my first year of college I learned that I have ADHD (Inattentive, not Hyperactive). It really explains a lot of trouble I had growing up, but in addition I’m dyslexic as well. This makes it near impossible to keep up with several of my interests; especially math.

For any readers that weren’t aware, my field is computer science. To be successful in this field, a lot of reading is involved. However, it’s taken a LOT of effort to read through my library of books. It doesn’t matter if the topic is one of my favourites, the words will usually move around on me and I’ll lose focus. Generally I have to read through something several times before I can get it to stick, making reading an irritating past time.

I used to take classical piano lessons and make it to grade 6 sheet music and grade 8 scales, but that generally consisted of memorizing hand positions and notes. The sheet music would usually get jumbled up and I could never read it fast enough to play it on the fly.

One of the benefits of these conditions it seems though, is that once I can get the stuff in my head, it’s very easy to manipulate concepts and models. Things have to be rearranged in a specific way for me to remember it properly which can take time, however I’ve been very happy with some of the results once that organization takes place.


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