Dell Innovation Challenge Coin

July 13, 2015 at 3:41 pm (Computer Science, Innovation, Thinking) (, , , , )

So I can finally comment a bit on some of the interesting things I’ve been up to this year. The more interesting thing right now is that I’ve been filing patent applications with Dell. I’ve submitted a number of them so far this year (need at least two hands to count them at this point), and it’s been a blast. I’ve gotten the opportunity to connect with some really smart people along the way, and it’s quickly become the best part of my job. Dell has a great system in place to keep people inventing and being innovative with their work to ultimately serve our customers better.

Last week I received a recognition aware for the patents I’ve been working on; it takes a while to completely get a patent approved and filed, so this award is from the first fiscal quarter. I believe I will be receiving a second (and more impressive) award later in the year for my more recent efforts. Check out these pictures of my award; it’s an innovation challenge coin (similar to what the army does):

Innovation Coin Side A

Innovation Coin Side A

Innovation Coin Side B

Innovation Coin Side B


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