Trimming down a game: The big decision

November 25, 2013 at 1:05 pm (Games, Graphics, Processing, Programming, Video games)

So I’ve come to a realization about the game I’ve been working on building: I can’t build the idea I want. I do not have the resources to do it right now. Too big of an art requirement and some other things that are either out of my hands or I’m unable to do it myself.

My remedy for this though is to decide from one of the following options (and feel free to comment or make suggestions):

1) I simplify my game idea by a huge amount. I would need to lock the camera and have it so you can’t spin it around. This would ensure that it’s easier to get art assets created and used in levels. Essentially this means it would look MUCH better for demos and the final game. Also, I would have to remove mechanics; either focus on making it a shooter and remove a lot of the mystery/detective story elements, or focus on making it more of a puzzle and/or exploration game. This is risky since I would have to focus on setting up a better atmosphere and put all my eggs in that basket.

2) Reskin the game to be a sci-fi game. Instead of the turn-of-the-century Cthulhu setting, it would be set in space or on a spaceship. This would drastically simplify the levels, since it’s acceptable to see an empty room in a spaceship, but it’s not so much to see an empty room that’s supposed to be a well-used library with hidden secrets. The subject matter has been beaten to death, but there is still some room for originality in the implementation of it. Also, some extra work would have to be done to change up the weapons and add some new particle effects in.

I had a large vision for this game originally, and yet it was possible to build it all, and in fact, I had most of the features already implemented. I need to trim things down to make it more manageable to build the thing in a reasonable amount of time.


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