Rendering Glitch Griefs

October 30, 2013 at 8:41 am (Computer Science, Graphics, Processing, Programming) (, , , , )

I’ve been getting distracted lately with the core game engine I wrote a year or two ago now. I’ve been seeing some artifacts randomly and one such example is with my particle effects system. Right now there is a weird effect when the camera moves while smoke is rendering. It makes the effects to a bit whispy, which actually isn’t a bad thing, but it’s bad when it’s inconsistent. I do like the effect it gives, but it’s only caused by a glitch with a moving camera (which I am still trying to track down). I’m actually rendering all the particles in one loop, which is why I’m having such grief with this. There are a lot of complexities with the engine and it’s very flexible, which is why it could be something else causing it, but right now I’m not really seeing why it would be having such issues. The billboards are even updating on the fly as the camera moves. Bleh. I kind of wish it was a bit easier to unit or integration test some of this rendering code.


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