Review: Might Morphin’ Power Rangers for Sega CD

April 22, 2013 at 8:31 am (Games, Video games) (, , , , , )

So you may remember when quick time events started showing up as a major gameplay mechanic in games. Odds are though, you’re probably wrong. This is a game from the 90’s where the ONLY gameplay was quick time events. If you didn’t get them right, you would lose health and ultimately lose the game. This most likely pre-dates whatever game you were thinking of.

Anyway, you basically got to watch episodes of the Power Rangers and press buttons during the fight scenes. This might not sound interesting, but back in the day it was brilliant! You got to watch a TV show ON DEMAND! Better yet, you got to skip all the boring talking parts and go right into the fighting scenes. The downside of this game though was that it was brutally hard for anybody below the age of a teenager; especially on the harder difficulties, which is where you got to see more episodes.


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