Board game review: Resident Evil Deck Building Game: Alliance

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This is a review of the Resident Evil Deck Building Game. Specifically, I’ll be talking about the Alliance stand-alone expansion since that’s the version my local comic book store erroneously ordered for me. It makes some modifications to the original set, most notably the addition of partner cards, which I will get into later.


Unfortunately this game scores VERY low on this metric. The cards are printed off on horribly cheap card stock so I had to buy card covers for every card in the set just to avoid them being damaged by the storage box, much less actual use. The storage box attempts to provide storage for your cards in a similar way that the Dominion deck building game does. However, it is horrendously implemented. By default, it isn’t able to fit all of the cards in a way that doesn’t damage them. The point of the box is to hold all of your cards and keep each type of card separate, but the grooves meant to hold each type of card are all uniform. The problem is that the number of cards in each type is not uniform. All together, the card holder that comes with the box is worthless and I had to throw it out (I hate throwing out pieces that come with expensive games).

The art on the cards is fairly weak. It consists of what looks like screenshots of pre-rendered characters from the games. Unfortunately the quality of these 3D images is pretty low resolution, so they look awful.


The gameplay is very similar to Dominion (a more popular deck building game). You have a big variety of resource cards that you can purchase using gold to add to your deck. My complaint about how RE does it is that there are very few resources types that come with the set that you end up using almost all of them in every game. Not all of the items are useful either, and many require a certain number of players to be useful or effective. For a game that can be played solo, that does not bode well.

One of the other aspects of gameplay though, is that you explore a Mansion deck and fight monsters using your resource cards. This makes the game pretty fun, since you’re fighting the game instead of each other (although you’re still competing against each other for score). Some of the monsters and events are not balanced well though; you can end up running into the boss monster on turn one and have him kill you flat-out. Also, there are some resources that are under or overpowered, especially depending on what character you choose at the start of the game. These are somewhat minor issues though and they don’t stop you from playing the game.

The addition of partner cards means that you are much more powerful when you go to battle the mansion deck. Depending on your character combo, you can pretty much become indestructible. So depending on your play style and preference, this may or may not be a good thing.


While this review seemed fairly negative, this game is actually pretty fun. There is a nice selection of characters with a variety of abilities, and the mechanics of the whole game are closely coupled with the actual video game. For example, there is a survival mode similar to the one in Resident Evil 4. If you can get over the “cheap” feeling of the cards and some of the unbalanced cards, then you will have a blast. Fans of the series will recognize lots of things so they’d get even more enjoyment out of it. Overall, I’d suggest this game, but I’d also tag along a list of the issues with it.


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