Future Donkey Engine Upgrate: Physics

August 28, 2012 at 10:10 am (Computer Science, Games, Graphics, Processing, Programming) (, , , , )

So I’ve been fooling around with Box2D Using Shiffman’s PBox2D wrapper for Processing (P5). The link to the API is here:


It’s a very nice wrapper for a very nice API. Well, it’s nice now; I think I remember trying to use JBox2D (Java wrapper for Box2D), and it wasn’t full implemented. Anyway! it works now and it works great. Keep in mind, if you stumble on Daniel Shiffman’s Nature of Code guide, it’s out of date so don’t rely on it. Instead, use the examples bundled with the library. It makes some breaking API changes and you’ll pull your hair out trying to figure out why “PBox2d” is not found (spoiler alert: it’s called “PBox2D” now).

I’ll be putting together some more demo code before I try to integrate it with my Paper Donkey Engine. I’m pretty excited though as it opens a whole new area of games that are feasible with the engine! I had an existing physics engine I rolled myself, but this is much nicer and MUCH faster than what I was using.

Stay on the line.


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