Image Filter Experiments Part 1

July 23, 2009 at 11:47 pm (Computer Science, Graphics)

I decided to play around with an image filter program I whipped up last week. It’s still very raw but the intentions are to have my own suite for making plug-in image filters that can be stacked up similar to audio filters work. I wanted a system that would work in a visual and intuitive way so I could experiment with digital art.

Anyway, the point of this post is about some of the results I got from playing. I’ll talk briefly about each one because I think they’re really interesting. The image is called Shermech and was created by an amazing artist named FlyingDebris on deviantART.


A. This uses a colour mapping from the image pixels’ luminance value to a blue-to-yellow interpolated gradient.

B. Same as A. but only every other pixel is displayed to create an old printing or Pointillism effect.

C. The pixels are multiplied by scaled gradient values

D. Same as C. but the gradient is inverse

E. Similar to C. but the colours are added instead and clamped

F. Gradient modulation, and then a scaled addition. This means the pixel luminance values will change between filters.

G. Same as F. but the luminance values will not be recalculated between effects.



  1. Bryan Rayner said,

    Pretty cool. I guess this is all pixel shader stuff?

    • jestermax said,

      Actually none of this is pixel shader stuff.

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